Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toy Fair 2014

We're back from the annual American International Toy Fair and we want to share our two newest and hottest new kits with you!

PlushCraft® Fancy Fish Pillow uses a special patented technology to create beautiful pieces of room decor.  Use the stylus to punch oversized fabric pieces into your pillow - no sewing required!

Paint'n Lace is from our tween jewelry line, Imaginista™.  Paint'n Lace was a standout kit at Toy Fair because of the beautiful finished pieces it allows children to create.  This kit includes 2 yards of lace for children to paint, cut, and assemble to make dozens of totally unique accessories.

Learn more about Fancy Fish Pillow and Paint'n Lace on our our website!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Orb Factory Holiday Round Up

2014 has been another successful year for The Orb Factory! 
The Orb Factory is a Halifax-based toy company with over 30 employees employed at our Halifax office.  We have a dedicated team who work hard to make amazing craft kits for children all over the world.  From the initial brainstorming and conception of a product, to the actual design, sourcing, and packaging, this creative bunch of designers are always ready to think outside the toy box!

We hire locally, meaning that many of our designers graduated from NSCAD, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  Our team is young, vibrant and creative!  We love that products entirely imagined and created here in Halifax are bringing joy and wonder to children all over the world. 

This year alone, The Orb Factory has had products featured on both The View and The Today Show and has received full-page coverage in Today’s Parent.  Our sales team always seems to be on the road, whether it’s meeting with new buyers and stores or networking at a trade show.  

The Orb Factory made a huge effort to give back this season.  Although we donate to both local and national charities throughout the year, we embraced the Holiday spirit and gave away over $10,000 worth of toys this season.  After passing out hundreds of toys in the Parade of Lights, we stopped by the C100 Toy Drive with another car full.  We also dropped off several cases of toys to the IWK, our local children’s hospital, something that has become a tradition for The Orb Factory.

This year, The Orb Factory has won numerous awards this year, both nationally and internationally.  Imaginista, a trendy tween accessory line, has already won UK's prestigious ToyTalk Best Arts & Crafts Toy Award while, locally, The Toy Insider named Imaginista Decoupage as one of their TopHoliday Toys.      

From Halloween costumes to April Fools shenanigans, The Orb Factory has figured out that it might be all fun and games after all! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Super Stocking Stuffers

Shop Sparkling Stocking Stuffers Online

Why should you include craft kits in their Stockings this Holiday season?

 1. Give the gift of creativity - not cavities!
Stockings are generally filled with reindeer-shaped chocolates and festive sweets.  Mix it up and include something that won't necessarily lead to mid-day tummy aches.

2. A little quiet time
Stockings are often the first thing children rush to open on Christmas morning - probably while you're still in bed!  A craft kit is the perfect thing to keep them occupied, giving you time to brew some coffee and start your day.

3. I'm Bored
There's no better way to keep children entertained while visiting relatives or waiting for dinner. Because our kits use illustrated instructions and are mess-free, children can create amazing crafts all by themselves!

Don't forget to pick up a crafty stocking stuffer this Holiday season!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Spending Time with Grandkids

The time children spend with their Grandparents is an opportunity to create special memories and bonding experiences.  Here are some great tips to make sure you're making the most of your time together.

1. Pass On a Skill
Share a family recipe, teach them to knit or make a scrapbook.  But don't just focus on what you can teach them - allow your grandchildren to teach you something.  Be it a funny song they learned in school, a cool computer game they enjoy or a new sport, encouraging children to become the teacher is a sure way to boost their confidence.

2. Share Stories
Grandchildren and their grandparents often inhabit completely different worlds, yet children love hearing old family stories and want to know what their grandparents were like when they were children themselves.  Be sure to ask your grandchildren to tell you about their lives as well!  It may take a bit of encouragement, but allowing them to tell you about their lives and what matters to them is a great way to truly bond.

3. Give Back
Volunteering with your grandchildren is the perfect way to be an amazing role model.  Bake cookies for a fundraiser or visit residents at the local nursing home.  Working together towards a shared goal is an empowering experience that is sure to inspire! 

4. Get Crafty
Still out of ideas?  Why not stop by your local toy store and pick up a craft kit?  Craft kits are perfect for a rainy day around the kitchen table.  Follow the age recommendations, or, even better, ask a sales assistance for a suggestion.  Choose a craft that results in a craft with a secondary use, like a jewelry box or accessory, and they'll think of you each time they use it!

Looking for awesome craft ideas?  Check out our website!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creative Kids Wanted

Do you live in Halifax?  Do you have an outgoing child who loves crafting?  

We’re looking for the perfect spokes-kid to show off our products in a series of simple, fun videos for our website! 

We are looking for children, aged 7 to12, who would like to be featured in a couple 30-second videos.

Interested? Send us a short video or Youtube link of your child talking about their favorite toy.

We’re not looking for their ability to memorize a script, but are instead looking for them to act naturally in front of the camera and be able to chat casually, and excitedly, about a craft. 

To submit a video or for more information, email

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's Imagine...

Slip on a cape and save the world.  Grab a mask and become a monster.  Snap on some pearls and you're a movie star.  Put on a tiara and rule the world. 

With Halloween fast approaching, it's a great time to look at how children try on different personalities and characters when they play dress up.  Imaginative play allows children to role play unique scenarios and situations.  They are, literally, walking in other peoples shoes.

Playing pretend is an important part of early childhood development.  Children learn through acting out; it allows children to strengthen their language and social skills. 

Sticky Mosaics® Tiara and Crown kits utilize the perfect combination of skills.  Children match colors and numbers to create sparkling costume pieces which can then be used to hours of pretend play.

Visit our website for a full selection of our Imaginative Play craft kits

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Unicorns are set to take flight in 2014!
These fanciful creatures evoke far away lands and childhood dreams.  Bring a little magic home with one of these whimsical Unicorn-themed kits.

Sticky Mosaics® Unicorn Keepsake Boxes  

This kit includes three unique keepsake boxes for all your treasured trinkets.  Follow a numbered legend and add over 400 jewels and tiles.  Featuring three Unicorns, this beautiful piece of room d├ęcor can be displayed for years to come.

SparkleUps® Unicorns

Sparkle up your world! Jewel-by-number beautiful Unicorn stickers & stick them anywhere!
These stickers are super sparkly and are completely repositionable, meaning you can use them time and time again.

Sticky Mosaics® Unicorns

These Unicorns are very rare, making their magic extra special.  Follow a simple numbered legend and add jewels and tiles to complete 4 fanciful friends.